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Exciting prospects at 46th Congress of S.I.Tri.!

CEO of Force HT Pär Gustavsson at 46th Congress of S.I.Tri. in Milan

We had an incredible time at the 46th Congress of S.I.Tri.! The event provided an excellent platform to show the capabilities of our Clinic Platform and connect with leaders in the hair restoration industry. We are grateful to everyone who visited our booth and to all who contributed to making this event a success.

Here are a couple of highlights from the event:

S.I.Tri and ISHRS communities

We felt incredibly welcomed into the S.I.Tri and ISHRS communities, which was fantastic.

Our solutions got recognition

Our solutions got recognition from hair restoration professionals from all over the world, including the world renowned Dr. Ron Shapiro, Dr. Antonio Ruston and Dr. Konstantinos Anastasakis. We also got to meet some of our incredible clients in person, such as Masullo Medical Group and Dott. Vincenzo Masullo.

Pär Gustavsson and Dr. Vincenzo Masullo

Lots of meaningful conversations

In total, we had over 50 meaningful conversations with various professionals in the field. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, and we gathered numerous valuable suggestions for further improvement of Clinic Platform.

We are very pleased with the outcomes of this event and are excited to develop these relationships further. Thank you once again to everyone who visited our booth. We look forward to continuing these conversations and building lasting partnerships.


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