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Attract, convert and satisfy more patients with Clinic Platform

Hair transplant clinics often struggle with converting consultations into sales, managing patient expectations, and administration — issues that detract from patient care and commercial efficiency.


We at Force HT aim to fix that.

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Of hair transplant patients are males below the age of 40, meaning that the patient base becomes more and more tech savvy.


Of patients express that digital and visualization tools used by the clinics in the consultation stage was the key decision factor for treatment.

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Mobile app & desktop software that connect seamlessly

Create a 3D model of your patient with our scanning app and use it to consult and plan the hair transplant procedure. The app connects seamlessly to Clinic Platform desktop software and you can start consulting within minutes, either on premise or remote!

All pre-treatment steps in one place

Ilustration showing different parts of the hair transplant consultation process

Plan the procedure with advanced tools in Clinic Platform.

Consult patients, simulate potential results and visualize them in 3D

Save time on administration by using our AI-tools

Why Clinic Platform?

Through Clinic Platform, our customers lower the barriers for patients to explore hair transplantation and enable them to make informed decisions about their treatment.

Improve conversion

Help your potential customers understand the procedure and make them more likely to take the step and become a patient.

Reduce administration

Spend more time treating patients and less time on administration using our AI-powered tools within Clinic Platform.

Increase satisfaction

Set realistic expectations for the patients post-procedure look and help them explore their potential for hair transplantation.

Enhance efficiency

Free up more time for patient care by leveraging smart functions in Clinic Platform. More patients, same timeframe.

Stand out from the crowd

Establish yourself as the leader in your industry by consulting your customers using cutting edge technology.

Access new customers

Use digital consultation capabilities to access patients anywhere in the world. All they need is our app and an internet connection!

Laptop Air and Phone 14 Mockup showing Clinic Platform and the scanning app

Main functions:

Mobile app for 3D-modeling

Follicle and hair parameters

Screen recording and sharing

Donor/receiver segment mapping

Rulers and markers

Consultation reports

Custom segment shapes

3D hair visualization

Remote consultation

Precision measurement

Advanced hair styling options

High level of security

Frequently asked questions

Can´t find an answer to your question? Do not hesitate to reach out to us on

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  • How accurate are the parameters and segments on the 3D model?
    The accuracy of follicle and hair parameters on the 3D model is highly reliable, as you, the customer, have complete control over the settings and parameters within Clinic Platform. This flexibility allows you to tailor what is displayed to the patient according to your preferences.
  • What does the starting process look like?
    The process begins with a 30-minute demonstration where we show you all the features of Clinic Platform and discuss your specific needs and preferences. Following this, we provide a tailored agreement and quote. Once agreed, we arrange a 1-hour onboarding session to assist with account setup and software installation. We also offer support via video call during your initial consultations to ensure a smooth start. Our team remains available for ongoing support whenever you need us.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of Clinic Platform varies depending on the chosen package and modules. We offer a range of packages, including options for white labeling. For detailed pricing, please contact us at or schedule a no-obligation video call where we can explain everything and answer any questions you may have.
  • Is the software user-friendly and easy to learn?
    Absolutely. Clinic Platform is developed together with hair transplant doctors from various clinics, ensuring it is both user-friendly and efficient. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for clinicians, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing clinical efficiency.

What do our customers say?

"With Clinic Platform, the patients know exactly what they can expect. For us at SmylaHair, it's a valuable consultation tool."

Michał Smyła

Founder SmylaHair, Poland

Michal Smyla, Founder of SmylaHair in Poland

Tailor Clinic Platform to your specific needs

Our modular software architecture allows you to customize your toolkit, ensuring that you have access to the features that matter most to you. You can also white label the software to apply your own branding and colors, reinforcing your brand identity with every patient interaction.

Before / After view of a patient scan showcasing results of hair transplant procedure
A laptop on a desk with the Clinic Platform software running

Our contribution to sustainability 

Online consultations cut down on the need for travel, helping both the planet and patients by reducing carbon footprints. Through increased accessibility to hair transplantation consultations and empowerment of patients with knowledge and better understanding of the procedure, we aim to reduce the mental health impacts of hair loss. Plus, we’re all about sustainable growth, boosting job opportunities and economic progress for our customers.

Services and technology that is in demand

The International Society of Hair Restoration estimates that over 50% of hair transplant patients are men under 40. The demographic is shifting towards a younger, more technology-savvy audience and patients expect use of digital tools in their consultations. Using Clinic Platform not only meets the expectations of a modern clientele but also positions your clinic as a forward-thinker.

A doctor and a patient discussing hair transplant treatment using Clinic Platform software on a laptop

Software security you and your patients can trust

Clinic Platform seamlessly integrates into your clinic's existing processes and routines, ensuring legal conformity right from the start.

Local storage

We do not store any patient data on our servers; all sensitive information is stored locally on our customers hardware.


All the communication between our servers, the mobile app and Clinic Platform is encrypted. 

Powered by Google Cloud

Clinic platform is powered by Google Cloud, ensuring security and reliability for all your data needs.

A nurse performing a scan of a hair transplant patient scalp using ForceHT scanning app for Iphone
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