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Illustration Clinic Platform by ForceHT multiple views from the software

We digitalize the hair transplant industry

Our goal is to improve the hair transplant industry through digital products that enhance patient satisfaction and help clinics run their businesses with higher efficiency.

Consult patients in 3D, both on-premise and remotely

Professional toolset for planning & visualizing results

Turn prospects into confident and informed patients

Force HT enables hair transplant clinics to


more patients worldwide.

Illustration before / after view of a patients results from hair transplant treatment from inside of Clinic Platform by ForceHT

Help your prospects become patients with Clinic Platform

Clinic Platform enables clinics to reduce administration and increase their revenue by treating more patients. By digitalizing the consultation process, our customers are able to educate and engage their patients efficiently.

AI-powered tools

Spend more time treating patients and less time on administration with cutting-edge AI tools.

Tools for treatment planning

Plan the treatment together with your patients, helping them understand the procedure and set realistic expectations.

App and desktop software

Our desktop software and app offer a seamless integration for 3D visualisation and planning.

3D visualisation capabilities

Offer personalized treatment plans by creating 3D models of patients and simulate potential results.

What do our customers say?

"With Clinic Platform, the patients know exactly what they can expect. For us at SmylaHair, it's a valuable consultation tool."

Michał Smyła

Founder SmylaHair, Poland

Michal Smyla, Founder of SmylaHair in Poland
A nurse scanning a hair transplant patient with ForceHT scanning app on Iphone

Join a growing global community of modern hair transplant clinics

Clinics worldwide are already using Clinic Platform to attract new patients, plan procedures, visualize results and enhance their business.

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