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 orceHT concept

3D hair transplant consultation platform


Educate. Align. Convert. Satisfy

More patients

Well-educated patients understand their hair transplant possibilities. Alignment on expectations in the consultation phase improves the patient’s satisfaction of the end result.


Clinics providing outstanding education convert more consultations to treatments. They also have the most satisfied patients.


Innovative. Accessible. Safe.

Digital platform

Educate and consult in a patient-centric 3D environment. Manage the patient's level of expectation and use as part of your procedure planning. 

Digital management of the journey from lead to satisfied hair transplant patient, while protecting patient integrity.

Scan. Plan. Consult.


Consultation should be about the patient, rather than hassling with computers and hardware.


Within a few minutes a clinic can provide outstanding 3D consultation to the patient. In-clinic or remote. No separate hardware or investments needed.

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