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Discover your potential for hair transplantation

Welcome to the future of hair restoration consultations! Our scanning app enables you to take the first step towards your new look, from the comfort of your home.

Iphone mockup showcasing ForceHT scanning app with tooltips

The future of hair transplant consultation

There is no longer a need for travel to discover your hair transplantation potential. Get a professional consultation from a hair transplant clinic, without leaving the comfort of your home!

Preview your future self

Simply use your smartphone to create a 3D model and get connected with a hair transplant clinic. The clinic can use the model to give you a personalized consultation with a realistic preview of your post-treatment appearance.

Create a 3D model

Use your smartphone to scan your scalp and create a 3D model for analysis.

Secure upload

Securely upload your 3D model directly to us with just a few taps.

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Get connected with a clinic

Get connected with one of our partner clinics to explore your options for treatment.

Receive digital consultation

Receive a digital consultation and a realistic preview of your potential results.

Force HT helps clinics worldwide

A nurse holding an Iphone that Is running forceht scanning app

Reach out to us and we can connect you to one of our partners

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to us at and we'll connect you with one of our esteemed partner clinics.

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